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Staying Calm In An Emergency (Dental) Situation

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Oh no! It’s time to go to the dentist again. A trip to the dentist can truly be scary for anyone. However, for people with Autism and ADHD, a trip to the dentist can be unbelievably scary and overwhelming. One emergency dentist in Tulsa came up with his own techniques to keep his Autistic and ADHD patients calm while in their chair.

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Today I want to talk to you about some really cool techniques that I found and could save your kid from a having melt down, So I put together a few super cool and useful examples and scenarios and what works best for which. Unfortunately there are quite a few things that can set them off. For example, the lights; If they have a problem with the lights and sounds, you can ask for a darker room in a more quite place. If unavailable, you could use some ear buds, or head phones and let them listen to some music. And for the thing about the light, you can use a light cover, like when you go to sleep.

They may also be sensitive to different textures, so to ensure that that they are more comfortable, you can bring their own tooth paste and even their own tooth brush.

And then there are things that you can do if they are non verbal such as doing something called “Tell/Show/Do” That is where you tell them what the dentist is going to do, then show them what they are going to do and that should eliminate some of the fear and uncertainty. Then you can also talk to the dentist ahead of time to make sure they are prepared to deal with someone with special needs. We must also remember to always praise good behavior immediately and to ignore the bad behavior completely.

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If your child has any seizures or tend to harm themselves such as teeth grinding or picking at the gums or biting their lip. It may be helped by your child wearing a mouth guard (if tolerated by your child).

If you are like any parent or guardian, you will know that feeling of wanting to have the best for them. And one of the things to do is to make sure that they are heard and make sure that they don’t suffer, or are scared. If your child is Autistic or has ADHD or has special needs, then some of these tips and tricks can and will really help you on your next visit to the dentist. And while there are many different Emergency dentists in Tulsa Oklahoma. it would be the best decision to go to a really good and special needs friendly dentistry called Tulsa Implant Dentist. Here you will find the highest rated dentists who are trained and ready for any child. They accept many Major insurance cards and Medicaid.


January 17, 2020