Dentists Specializing in Autistic Patient Care

Planning a trip to the dentist for your autistic child/loved one is not something most are forced to consider. This is an event that you may think will be difficult due to the problems some autistic people have with dealing with sensory issues or being in a new place. It’s not that hard once you learn these tips.

autistic child struggling in dental chair

You have to realize that with autism, it’s hard for a person to deal with a social situation in any form. Even though it’s just a dentist’s office, if they’re not used to it this can be a very frightening thing. Not only that, but an autistic person won’t let someone poking and prodding them, or laying in a new chair. You have to ease yourself into this if you have autism. Perhaps go in for a meeting to talk with the dentist if you have a lot of troubles trusting new people, and just check out the office for a while to see that it’s okay. If you’re lucky enough to live in California you will have access to Dentistry care in Whittier CA which is known to be a community very welcoming of patients with special needs; 38 of 40 dental practices welcome autistic patients. You will find several dentist is the area that specialize is elderly and special needs dental care.

Some autistic people have a lot of trouble with new feelings. For instance, some people have problems with taking showers that are warm and instead of that have to do a cool bath. It’s not because they are just trying to be difficult, it’s distressing to someone that cannot process new things fast to be in a new situation. Let the dentist know about the issue if there’s a sensory problem, and that way you can come up with a system to tell them to slow down or stop if it’s too much.

Try to find a dentist that’s good with children, because that way they are going to be able to deal with the problems an autistic person has with connecting with new people at times. You may want to stick with a male or female depending on what you or your loved one that’s autistic is more comfortable with. The easier you can make this to be a pleasant situation, the easier it is to come out of it without making too much of a scene that makes someone not want to go back to the dentist.

Dental care in Whittier CA is leading the industry in their positive and welcoming response of special needs individuals, so don’t hesitate to expect the same level of care from your local dental practitioners. Never hesitate to ask when you’re not sure of where to turn. Take it slow and it’s sure to go well!

September 28, 2015