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Dentists Specializing in Autistic Patient Care

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Planning a trip to the dentist for your autistic child/loved one is not something most are forced to consider. This is an event that you may think will be difficult due to the problems some autistic people have with dealing with sensory issues or being in a new place. It’s not that hard once you learn these tips.

autistic child struggling in dental chair

You have to realize that with autism, it’s hard for a person to deal with a social situation in any form. Even though it’s just a dentist’s office, if they’re not used to it this can be a very frightening thing. Not only that, but an autistic person won’t let someone poking and prodding them, or laying in a new chair. You have to ease yourself into this if you have autism. Perhaps go in for a meeting to talk with the dentist if you have a lot of troubles trusting new people, and just check out the office for a while to see that it’s okay. If you’re lucky enough to live in California you will have access to Dentistry care in Whittier CA which is known to be a community very welcoming of patients with special needs; 38 of 40 dental practices welcome autistic patients. You will find several dentist is the area that specialize is elderly and special needs dental care.

Some autistic people have a lot of trouble with new feelings. For instance, some people have problems with taking showers that are warm and instead of that have to do a cool bath. It’s not because they are just trying to be difficult, it’s distressing to someone that cannot process new things fast to be in a new situation. Let the dentist know about the issue if there’s a sensory problem, and that way you can come up with a system to tell them to slow down or stop if it’s too much.

Try to find a dentist that’s good with children, because that way they are going to be able to deal with the problems an autistic person has with connecting with new people at times. You may want to stick with a male or female depending on what you or your loved one that’s autistic is more comfortable with. The easier you can make this to be a pleasant situation, the easier it is to come out of it without making too much of a scene that makes someone not want to go back to the dentist.

Dental care in Whittier CA is leading the industry in their positive and welcoming response of special needs individuals, so don’t hesitate to expect the same level of care from your local dental practitioners. Never hesitate to ask when you’re not sure of where to turn. Take it slow and it’s sure to go well!

September 28, 2015

What is medicine and do we really need Doctors?

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Sounds like a crazy question I know but in this day in age it is hard to know what’s good for you and what isn’t, especially when it comes to prescribed medication and Doctors in Western Medicine. There are so many different medications that are being given out to patients for say a simplistic disease, relatively, but the medication’s side effects are worse than the illness. Cure sick with more sick? I do not think so. Western medicine looks for diseases and how to cure them with pills, not taking into account the lifestyle or diet of the patient.

Fortunately there are alternatives for your healthcare, ones which focus on the causation and nutrition, along with meditation. Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture work wonders for many people, while others seek out an Ayurveda practitioner to help them keep a healthy balance in their lives.

Another great alternative for prescription drugs when treating most illnesses is the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa. It has cancer killing properties that help in many ways like induces hunger in patients that cannot eat, relieve pressure in the eyes from Glaucoma and make inflammation go down in your body just to name a few.

Hemp as actually been treating illnesses and has already been called a cure for all going back in the early days of our history here in United States from 1850 to 1942 marijuana was listed in the US Pharmacopoeia being useful for nausea, rheumatism and labor pains easily accessible from a pharmacy or general store.

Cannabis and beer come to find out are actually related as beer hops are in the same category as the flowering parts of the hemp plant which makes them cousins. Although study after study finds that marijuana is way less harmful than alcohol and tobacco so choosing marijuana is always the best and you’ll get a lot of medical benefits at the same time it helps with nausea arthritis glaucoma PTSD and helps cancer patients eat while otherwise they are not able to.

All in all, the safest most effective way to treat illnesses is not necessarily what the Doctors of today would recommend but they are also taking educated guesses most of the time. Listen to yourself and your body, be kind to yourself and seek alternative medicines that work. You can find such items when you Google search recreational marijuana near me if you reside in one of the 4 States that it is now legal for personal use and viewed legal as a medicine in over half the Unites states making it very accessible and easier to use freely as a medicine. If you happen to reside in Washington State, you can go to a recreational dispensary Tacoma to buy all the medicine that you need.

September 1, 2015

Can Chiropractors Help Patients With Autism?

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Chiropractic care treats the derangement of the musculoskeletal system comprised of the skeleton, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and connective tissues. It is often concluded that chiropractic addresses only the issues concerning body movements and flexibility. However, anything that affects the spinal cord affects the entire nervous system and functioning of the brain. An unsound backbone may cause mental disorder for that matter. Autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder in which the patients are unable to connect with others or perceive things in the normal way, can also be the result of an erroneous musculoskeletal system.

Edmonton, Canada has some of the best centers and hospitals where chiropractic care is provided. Edmonton Chiropractors, are confident that chiropractic care can actually help patients with Autism. In fact, they advocate that children can be born with abnormalities if they are subject to what is called vertebral subluxation inside the mother’s womb, because a child’s development is controlled by its nervous system consisting of its brain and its spinal cord. For the child’s nervous system to be healthy, it is necessary that it has an equally healthy spine. Therefore, chiropractic is one of the measures that should be adopted by parents before the birth of their child for making it possible that it is born normal and healthy. It’s been suggested that chiropractic care should be started during the pregnancy days in order to help the child develop the normal functioning of its brain.

For more than a decade, Edmonton Chiropractors have been dealing with cases of the central nervous system. The sooner the patient is brought to them; the better is the scope for a fast and successful treatment. They do a thorough diagnosis following an X-ray during which the whole of the skeletal system is examined. They go through the details of the patient’s history. Once they know whether a specific part or the entire backbone is affected, the treatment begins. There is no fixed duration for the treatment of Autism. It can take from a few months to years of attention and care. The goal is for the patient to obtain a better quality of life. The patient’s development during the weeks, months, and years of treatment is closely observed and recorded. In some cases, the full recovery is possible whereas in some, the patients show tremendous improvement.

autistic patient calmy reading book after chiropractic care

The Edmonton chiropractors understand that the family members of a patient with Autism are already stressed and therefore, they provide gentle and effective care. Special care is taken to provide an anxiety-free ambiance. The healthcare units make sure that the patients and the members of their family experience no hassle while undergoing treatment. All the issues relating to insurance are taken care of and the documentation is minimal.

Children deserve the best of everything. The way they are nurtured determines the persons they go on to become. The Edmonton Chiropractors believe that chiropractic is the most natural and the safest way to treat Autism in the early childhood and save children the setback that it imposes on them at a later stage. However, even the adults who are suffering from this disorder can be immensely benefited by chiropractic treatment and care. Chiropractic can comfort and heal even the most elderly of the patients of Autism.

August 12, 2015

Clean and Clutter Free Flooring Ideal For Those With Autism

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Autism is a mental condition that usually sets in at early childhood characterized by difficulty in communication and forming human relationships, difficulty in language use and use of abstract concepts. Autism could be very challenging for the patients and caregivers directly responsible for them. If you are a caregiver to an Autistic person, you cannot undermine the importance of maintaining a clean environment for the sake of the patient. Your floor particularly must be clean, so as to prevent home accidents like slipping on a slippery floor. Autistic Patients do not have the self-control and balance of normal people, if you are managing an Autistic Patient and your floors are dirty, then you Patients are at risk of home accident and injury.child falling asleep on cluttered floor

This brings us to the question,”How do you make the floor safe for your Autistic Patients.” The answer is not far fetched. Lamanator Plus is a Company that is dedicated to bringing new life to all manner of floors, from Tile to hardwood, Laminate, and everything in between.  Lamanator Plus produces offer several floor cleaning and restoration solutions on our website that would help you make your laminate floor shine like it is brand new. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on how to clean laminate flooring. What is a laminate floor? A laminate floor is a picture of wood placed on melamine glued on particle board and spray coated with aluminum oxide. How to clean laminate flooring is a topic that will be covered throughout this article.

mom picking up topys from floor

You may have stumbled upon this article after typing online “How to clean laminate flooring?” without mincing words, using Lamanator Plus products is the best way to achieve deep cleaning of your floor. If you are looking for ways to clean your floor, then you have to reckon with Lamanator Plus products. Lamanator Plus comes in several kits all of which would be very useful to your laminate flooring. They include:

1. The Complete Home Kit:
This kit was built to show you how to clean laminate flooring. The Lamanator Plus Complete Home Kit is generally for older Laminate floors. Floors that have become dull from several footprints, animal paws and filled with scuff marks and scratches. The Complete Home Kit will remove all the prints and scratches and make it shine like it is brand new. It can also be used for a new floor if you want a better shine. Applying the Complete Home Kit is a good way for you to see the effectiveness of flooring.

clutter free couch and hardwood floor

2. The Fresh Start Kit:
The Fresh Start Kit is made for new floors only. It is designed to clean the factory over-spray off your new floor. You should also use it to clean deep your floor after maintenance.

With all this information, you should never find yourself wondering how to clean laminate flooring. Apply everything Lamanator Plus Products has to offer. Which includes giving your old and dull laminate floor a brand new shine, eliminating streaking, and hazing from your floor, protecting your original laminate floor surface, sealing your laminate floor joints from penetration of moisture and liquid spills, deep cleaning among other benefits.

If you use the Lamanator Plus Products just once, you will never ask How do you clean your laminate flooring? Again because you already know the answer. Lamanator Plus has several products that several web pages cannot discuss sufficiently and elaborately. You can, however, visit their website, Once you learn more about their products, proceed to make your order on their website, and they will ship directly to you.

August 5, 2015

Stuffed Pets Can Help People That Suffer From Autism and ADD

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Autism and ADD are both disorders that affect many people worldwide nowadays. Sufferers from Autism and ADD are constantly being pressured by society and are usually misunderstood. With this in mind, a great product has come to be that can be a big help for these people, especially on younger carriers. They are custom stuffed animals and you can learn more at

pug and cloneSo how can stuffed replica`s of their pet help people suffering from Autism and ADD? By communicating with the toy pets and relating to them, sufferers of these disorders can establish a mental connection with these pets and break barriers that until now they couldn’t. The fact that stuffed animals can be personalized to the sufferer’s actual pet, or passed pet, make them feel much more comfortable and open to talking to them.

It’s important to encourage people that suffer from Autism and ADD to develop affection with something from a young age, to avoid worse problems in the future. And that’s where their stuffed pet replica plays a role: when it is a re-creation of their own pet, the sufferer can actually be more prone to create contact with the plush animal. In Autism it`s common to see repetitive behavior from children, so it`s important to include their plush pet in the treatment to identify the patterns of the disease.

Because every sufferer is different, there’s no guarantee that custom stuffed animals can create a positive or negative impact on Autistic attitudes, but by playing with them, talking skills can be developed. They are also seen as cuddly, and some emotions can be identified when Autism and ADD sufferers interact with them. On many therapy sessions, people that suffer from these diseases are highly encouraged to get the feeling of plush animals. This allows the doctor to study possible repetitive behaviour and other signs that determine the stage of the disease.

With this being said, custom stuffed animals can be a great help in order to enhance sufferers from Autism and ADD lives and their families, by providing something that can be customized according to the sufferers emotions. Sufferers will benefit from replica`s of their pet as something that is always there for them, to help on the good and the bad times, and to confess problems through gestures, like anxiety, a symptom very common on these diseases. A stress relief can also be noticed on most of the cases.


March 17, 2015